Opening July 22, 6 – 9pm
2, rue des Petits Pères 75002 Paris

July 22 – August 1,
Open Tuesday – Saturday
2 – 7 pm

August 2 – 28
Visible 24h/24,
7d/7 in the windows of the gallery.

The exhibition opens again the 3th September
September 3 – September 26
Open Tuesday – Saturday
2 – 7 pm


Arthur Grosbois, Inner Dance, 2020, oil and wax on canvas, 74,5 x 90cm

The two bodies of the palace are symmetrical: The one on the right, turning its back to the valley and looking at the origin of the long, calm waterfall surrounded by mythological authorities. Once inside, the sound of the streaming water disappears. The ear used to it, it has in fact only faded away.

The light is powerful here.

On the ceiling and on the walls, the frescoes grow strong on their fragile and rough surfaces. A little has been lost, but everything seems fair.

Through the window, we overlook the village.

Une Chambre En Été presents a series of paintings mainly initiated as a result of a trip and residence of the artist in Tuscany during the summer of 2019. The room is the studio put at his disposal to develop his work for a little more than three months. It is also the mental space, the capsule of memories containing reminiscences of the places visited, such as the subtle and balanced Villa Lante, the delirious and suffocating gardens of Bomarzo, or the Campo Santo in Pisa with its abundant frescoes. It is also the carnal memory of the light giving relief and patina to things, charging everything with an emotional power and an almost unreal aspect.

With this exhibition, the artist continues his pictorial research around the image, mixing classical themes and motifs with research linked to the contemporary perception of reality, where technology plays an important role. Images found on the net, interest for the great pictorial tradition and for iconography in general meet to create images with strong emotional potential, crossed by an ambivalence between doubt and contemplation.


April 11 – 21, 2020 · Postponed to a later date ·
Union Silver Lake
4441 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

Marcella Barceló
Elvire Bonduelle
Matthew Cole
Alice Grenier Nebout
Tino Gelli
Frédérique Loutz
Laith McGregor
Nick McPhailn
Michael Nauert
James Rielly
Douanier Rousseau
Masha Silchenko
Thom Trojanowski
Justin Williams

Kevin Lastin, Are You Seriously Talking to Me?, 2019, oil and paste on canvas, 75 x 100 cm

In a context of fascination for the apocalypse, EDEN brings together international contemporary artists and offers a positive vision towards a possible end of a World.
Seing Nature reclaiming its rights over the city in the paintings of Nick McPhailn, animals placed like idols in the watercolours of James Rielly through the mystical characters and landscapes by Justin Williams, these many visions propose a possible coexistence and symbiosis between man and nature as Matthew Cole’s and Marcella Barcelo’s paintings suggest it.

Dans un contexte où chacun envisage la fin d’un monde, Eden rassemble des artistes internationaux qui mettent en perspective une possible coexistence entre l’homme et la nature. 
Des animaux placés comme des idoles dans les aquarelles de James Rielly en passant par les personnages et paysages mystiques de Justin Williams, de la nature reprenant ses droits sur la ville dans les peintures de Nick McPhailn aux peintures de buissons d’Elvire Bonduelle, autant de visions d’un Eden retrouvé.