Caroline Corbasson

Caroline Corbasson was born in 1989 in Saint-Etienne (FR) works and lives in Paris (FR).

Corbasson Caroline was born in France in 1989. She graduated with honors from the ENSBA in Paris in 2013. Her work, nourished by scientific observation of natural phenomena, was presented in France and internationally, in Tokyo, New York and London inter alia. In 2015, she was the guest of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle on the occasion of the exhibition, They Used to Call it the Moon. The following year, she took part in the first Paris Biennial Drawing at the Cité Internationale des Arts.

Inspired by the sciences, astronomy, natural phenomena and immense landscapes, Caroline Corbasson frees images from their context and objects from their functionality to extract their essence and redesign their reliefs. The economy of means, the density of the images and the rigorous choice of materials (coal, dust, ink, graphite) that characterize her production convey an aspiration to resist the infinite flows of images surrounding us. Her relationship to time and space is as free and singular as the media in which she expresses it. Her drawings, sculptures, videos and installations appear as images that carry a rereading of the world envisaged in an ontological and poetic perspective (…)

Lionnel Gras

Caroline Corbasson, Untilted, 2017, steel, mirror polished steel, 223 x 183 cm.

Caroline Corbasson, Sans titre, 2017, steel, mirror polished steel, 297 x 230 cm.

Caroline Corbasson, Supersymétrie, Le Parvis, Centre E. Leclerc Méridien, Ibos.

Caroline Corbasson, Supersymétrie, Le Parvis, Centre E. Leclerc Méridien, Ibos.

Caroline Corbasson, Synopsis, La Galerie du 10, institut français, Madrid (SP).

Caroline Corbasson, Mine, charcoal on paper, 2015, 130 x 300 cm.

Caroline Corbasson, Blackout book, 2013, spray paint on paper, 56 x 38 cm.


Caroline Corbasson, A cloud began to cover the earth slowly, wholy, graphite on book pages, 2017, 19,5 x 23 cm.

Selected solo exhibitions

Sideral, Monteverita, Paris (FR)
Poussières Primitives, Résidence Villa Boesch, Le Pouliguen (FR)
Empty Pixels, Galerie Laurence Bernard, Genève (CH)
Les Cieux-Cavernes, galerie l’inlassable, Paris (FR)
DNSAP, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (FR)
Constellation, Galerie Antonine Catzeflis, Paris (FR)

Selected group exhibitions

Explore, CAC, Nîmes (FR)
Pierres de Vision, CAIRN Centre d’Art, Digne-les-Bains (FR)
Infiniment le Pays des Etoiles, Centre d’Art du Pavillon Blanc, Colomiers (FR)
Athanor, CRAC, Sète (FR)
Sous le Soleil Exactement, Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble (FR)
Matin, Midi et Soir, Honoré Visconti, Paris (FR)
Explorers II, Newcastle Project Space, London (UK)
Explorers, Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris (FR)
Micro Salon, Galerie l’inlassable, Paris (FR)
Samples, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris (FR)
ArtGeneve, Galerie Laurence Bernard, Genève (CH)
New Cartographers, SongWon Art Center, Seoul (KO)
Disparitions, Honoré, Galerie RueVisconti, Paris (FR)
Darkframe/Deepfield, Breese Little Gallery, London (UK)
Géodésie l’Impossible tracé, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris (FR)
Iris Time, L’Inlassable Museum, New-York (US)
To Fill A Void, Février 2015, APT Gallery, London (UK)
Exodes, London Art Fair, galerie l’inlassable, London (UK)
Biennale du Dessin, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (FR)
Tracé(s), Galerie Perception Park, Paris (FR)
Nature Morte, Honoré #1, Galerie Rue Visconti, Paris (FR)
La Recherche, Boiler Room Gallery, Oslo (NG)
Pseudo-Museology, Dalla Rosa, London (UK)
Possibles d’un monde fragmenté (honors show), Palais des Beaux arts, Paris (FR)
Systemultra, Tokyo (JP)
They Used To Call It The Moon, BALTIC Centre for contemporary Art, Newcastle (UK)
Pulsar, Observatoire de Turin, Turin (IT)
No limits just edges, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris (FR)
Il Viaggiatore Immobile, galerie l’inlassable, Turin (IT)


Finalist Prix Découverte Palais de Tokyo
Henry production grant for ATACAMA
Artist in residence at Villa Boesch, France
Nominee Prix Sciences Po Pour L’Art Contemporain
Nominee Prix Arte/Beaux-Arts Magazine
Nominee Prix ICART
Colin-Lefrancq grant
Laureat Prix de Dessin Diamond


Villa Boesh, Le Pouligen (FR)